Why Your Dog is Secretly Guarding You at All Times?

Why Your Dog is Secretly Guarding You at All Times?

Hello dog lovers! Today we're going to look at why your dog seems to follow and "watch" you, even in seemingly mundane activities like going to the bathroom. Are you curious? Let's go find out together!


It turns out that this behavior is rooted in the dog's ancestry as a pack animal. In the wild, pack animals like wolves have a hierarchical social structure, with the alpha individuals serving as the protectors of the group. 


This instinctual drive to protect and defend the pack is still present in domestic dogs today.


When a dog sees their owner as their "pack", they instinctively want to protect and defend them. This includes following their owner around and standing guard while they are vulnerable, such as when using the bathroom. 


The dog's presence serves as a deterrent for potential predators or threats, and also provides a sense of security for their owner.


This behavior can also be observed in other situations where the dog perceives their owner as vulnerable, such as when they are sleeping or eating. 


The dog may also try to "herd" their owner by nudging or barking to direct them away from perceived dangers.


It is important to note that this behavior should not be encouraged or reinforced if it becomes disruptive, as it can lead to possessiveness and aggression towards other people or animals. 



Training and socialization can help the dog to understand that it is not necessary to guard their owner all the time, and to develop a more relaxed attitude in various situations.


In conclusion, the next time your dog follows you or guards you while you go to the bathroom, remember that it is their natural instinct to protect and defend you as a member of their pack.


This behavior is a testament to the strong bond and loyalty that dogs have with their owners. With proper training and socialization, this behavior can be managed and channeled in a positive way.


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