Science reveals: how to have a strong bond with your dog and make him happier

Science reveals: how to have a strong bond with your dog and make him happier

Hello dogs lover! In today's article we're going to learn how to create stronger and longer lasting relationships with your dog and make him happier.

You should know that it all revolves around one basic characteristic of dogs, which is that they are social animals.


Being social animals they have a great need to interact with humans and also with other dogs, all in order to be happy and healthy.

Before I tell you how you can increase your bond with your dog, let's quickly understand together why they are social animals.

In nature, dogs live in packs and have strong social bonds with their pack mates. This social instinct is still present in domestic dogs, who need to interact and play with other dogs and humans to feel fulfilled and safe.


Dogs need to interact with each other

Social interaction helps improve a dog's mental and physical health, as it reduces stress and improves psychological well-being.

In addition, interaction with humans and other dogs helps keep their minds active and stimulated, preventing behavioral problems such as separation anxiety and boredom.

But now let's go over how you can increase your bond with him and make him happier!



To make your bond stronger and make your dog happy... you need to have him interact with other dogs and people on a regular basis! This sounds like a controversial statement, but it is not. Science says that this makes them develop stronger, longer-lasting relationships with their owners and other family members.

But not only that! This can also increase their confidence, happiness, and overall well-being.

Now that we understand that they are social animals and need to interact, I want to give you some simple tips to make your bond with your dog stronger and most importantly make them happy:

  • Take daily walks
  • Visit dog parks regularly or have him meet in general with other furry friends.
  • Play with your dog
  • Getting him to exercise: such as making him run.

And here we are at the end of this article too, I hope this was useful information for you.

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Also let us know in the comments below if the article was helpful and you liked it or if you want to know more dog-related trivia!


With love,

Elisa from Italy

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