Dogs' sense of smell can detect emotions... And why this could be harmful!

Dogs' sense of smell can detect emotions... And why this could be harmful!

Hello dogs lover! In this article I will tell you about dogs' super sense of smell and what you need to watch out for so your dog doesn't get sad and always in a bad mood.

Then you must know that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell that helps them detect many things, including changes in the emotions of humans

Yes, you read that right. 

When we are angry, sad or stressed, our bodies release unique chemicals that dogs are able to detect with their extremely sensitive noses. 

These smells can send signals to the dog's brain about our current emotion, and often the dog responds by trying to cheer us up with its affection. 

So the next time you are feeling down and your dog approaches you with affection, you can tell it is trying to help you. 

This again shows how sensitive and attentive dogs are to our needs, and how ready they are to show us their unconditional love.

But this also has a downside, which is that they are always bombarded with emotions, unfortunately including negative ones. If the negative emotions are extreme and repeated over time, this can harm the poor pooch's mental health.

So my advice is: if you often have very "negative" people around you with a toxic attitude: that is, always angry, yelling and precisely always expressing negative emotions... try either to talk to this person telling him all the negative effects he has on your dog.

Or, in my opinion, the best thing is to push them away....

Because, as already mentioned, it could alter your dog's mood and mental health.

People with toxic attitudes are harmful to you, but especially to your furry friend

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I hope this article was also helpful and gave you some ideas.

Let us know in the comments below, what you think or if you would like to know any other interesting facts about the world of dogs!

With love,

Elisa from Italy

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